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  • Vision statement

To be "Home clean" one of the recognised companies in the world of cleaning products, and to have the name "Home clean" combined with the meaning of high quality and satisfactory.

  • Mission statement

Home clean Building cleaning survives dedicates all the efforts to maintainthe satisfactory of the clients and customers, by delivering the projects in credibility, trustfulness and high quality services.

  • Values, Goals and Objectives
    1. To upgrade and improve in the field of cleaning products.
    2. To attend to the exact needs of the clients and fulfil in high quality
    3. and on time.
    4. To work in sophistication and harmony within the team of work
    5. inside the company.
    6. To deliver innovative products that is rarely found in the market.
  • Business strategy

Diversification and Innovative integration.

  • Economic intent

Uplifting the economic value of cleaning services market in the United Arab